Burn in Hell

Hello cuties!!!I really adore this outfit.I love this goth dress and overknees with gloves.I adore black clothes with white pattern or details.Hope you like my look. ^^
Boots- Demonia
Overknees- Leg Avenue
Dress- Queen Of Darkness
Cross- Poizen Industries
Gloves- Queen Of Darkness
Bow- H&M
Thankies for looking!!! *____*


Drowning ✞

Konnichiwa sweethearts!I want to show you my outfit.It was dark and pastel.I really adore the contrast of frills on the top and latex skirt with boots.Hope you like it. ^^
Boots- Demonia
Tights- H&M
Skirt- Queen Of Darkness
Alien- Handmade
Top- DIY
Bow- Handmade
Thankies for looking!!! *_____*


Mahou Shoujo *____*

Konnichiwa sweeties!!!This is my today look.I feel like a magical girl in this ruffled skirt,all in pink and lilac.Hope you like it. ^^
Boots- Body Line
Tights- H&M
Skirt- Body Line
Top - Second Hand
Ice Cream- Lindex
Bow- DIY,from skirt
Thankies for looking!!! ^______^